Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters is one sms?

They are 160 charecters in one part message and this is equevalant to one credit.

How do I buy SMS credits?

Send an email to hello@melaetsa.com with the package you want and make payment via EFT.

Are they any costs involved when using Melaetsa.com ?

No the only cost a user pays is for credit costs.

Is there any sending limit?

No they are no limit on the number of SMSs you can send daily or monthly.

Does Melaetsa offer discounted messaging?

Yes we offer up to 10% disocunt provided the client is willing to include the followings words at the end of the message"via:molaetsa.com".

Do credits expire?

No the credits on your profile do not expire.

Who pays for failed SMSs

The client is the one who pays for failed Sms as the infomation is coming from your database.

How long does it take to recieve the sms from molaetsa.com?

it takes roguhly around 15- 30second to recieve 1 part message.

How many contacts can I send SMSs to?

Melaetsa.com does not have a limit to the number of contacts you send SMS to however the more the contact number the longer it will take for the SMS to be delivered.

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