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Below are some of the basic features for

Web based

Message mate give you the ability to send sms on the web portal without any hustle all you have to do is Register,buy credits and your ready to start sending campaign SMS's.

Import Contacts

You have an option to import your contacts list to the portal from CSV document a sample of the structure can be made available to you at any time.

Message History

The portal keep a copy and status of all the sms's that have been sent for a life time and upon request message history can be exported for the customer.

Schedule Messages

As an profile holder you are able to schedule day and time when the Sms's should be sent to your contact list.

Group Contacts gives you the ability to group your contact list this enables you to easily send SMS's to a specific group.

API documentation

Guideline document is available to clients that would like to integrate their exisiting system with our SMS's. Send us an email for more info .

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